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The Chair of the Board of Trustees

The role of the Chair is to provide leadership and direction to the board of Trustees and to chair the Trustee meetings. The Chair’s aim is to enable the board to fulfill their responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of Cancer Research Wales.

The Chair will ensure that Cancer Research Wales complies with its governing document and constitution, charity law and any other relevant legislation or regulations and to make sure that Cancer Research Wales pursues its objects as defined in its governing document and constitution.

The Chair’s role is to work in partnership with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cancer Research Wales and to support the employees, enabling them to achieve the aims of the organisation; and to optimise the relationship between the board of Trustees and the staff.

For further information and full description please download our role profile.

If you would like to apply for the role, please email your CV and a brief covering letter to

Ann Tate, CEO by Friday 20th September.

Please email if you would like to arrange an informal chat with a Trustee or with Ann Tate, CEO.





Volunteer Bridal Store Assistants for Pritchard & Moore

From the moment they set foot in Pritchard and Moore, our customers are our special guests. With unparalleled customer service, we ensure each visit with us will be one to remember. Boasting pre-loved and brand new dresses, we believe a wedding dress search is more than simply shopping.

Pritchard and Moore is named after two of Cancer Research Wales’ longstanding trustees and acclaimed scientists, who have both contributed enormously to the landscape of cancer research in Wales and beyond.

In keeping with the charity’s ethos, we ensure that shopping at Pritchard and Moore supports world-class cancer research right here in Wales.

Could you help us create the perfect wedding dress shopping experience? Then please download further information or contact Pritchard & Moore on 029 2115 7862
Pritchard and Moore Volunteers

Cynorthwywyr Gwirfoddolwyr Siop Briodas Pritchard & Moore

O’r funud maent yn croesi’r drothwy  yn Pritchard a Moore, mae ein cwsmeriaid yn westeion arbennig i ni. Gyda gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid heb ei ail, rydym yn sicrhau y bydd pob ymweliad gyda ni  yn un i’w gofio. Gan gyflenwi  ffrogiau newydd a rhai sydd wedi’u rhoi, rydym yn credu bod chwilio am ffrog briodas yn fwy na dim ond siopa.

Enwyd Pritchard a Moore ar ôl dau o ymddiriedolwyr hirsefydlog Ymchwil Canser Cymru, ill dau yn wyddonwyr o fri a wedi cyfrannu’n aruthrol at dirwedd ymchwil canser yng Nghymru a thu hwnt.

Yn unol ag ethos yr elusen, rydym yn sicrhau bod siopa yn Pritchard a Moore yn cefnogi ymchwil canser o’r radd flaenaf yma yng Nghymru.

Allech chi ein helpu i greu’r profiad siopa ffrog briodas berffaith? Yna, lawrlwythwch ragor o wybodaeth neu cysylltwch â Pritchard & Moore ar 029 2115 7862


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