Caerphilly Mayor selects Cancer Research Wales & CRY as chosen charities

On 28th June 2017, the Mayor of Caerphilly Cllr John Bevan launched his charity appeal in support of Cancer Research Wales and CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) in memory of Jack Thomas.

The launch event took place at Tredomen House, the county council’s head quarters in Ystrad Mynach, where it was fantastic to meet Cllr Bevan once again, as in 2005 he had selected Cancer Research Wales as his charity of choice during his first term as Mayor of Caerphilly. Cllr Bevan clearly still has an enthusiasm and ambition to make a difference with cancer research, and it was wonderful to see so many of his colleagues at the event, in support of the appeal.

I was happy to give a brief talk on the work of Cancer Research Wales, and explain some of the pioneering projects we have taking place throughout Wales. Although sadly during my talk, as I look around the room, I see too many people nodding in acknowledge of their own experiences with cancer. I’m reminded, just as I am everyday of the challenges we are still to face in combating this disease, but also of the overwhelming support we have from the people of Wales in that battle.

I had great delight explaining some of our most recent projects which were announced as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2016, including pioneering work into Immunotherapy, where scientists are harnessing the power of the body’s immune system to fight bowel cancer and our second crucial project, where researchers are looking at the root causes of delays in cancer diagnosis and treatment in Wales.

After the formalities, many people came across to talk about our range of projects and made kind offers of support for our events and activities. By the end of the evening, a fundraising idea with many well known choirs was beginning to take shape – so watch this space!

We would like to give our thanks to Cllr John Bevan for his wonderful support of Cancer Research Wales, and to his friends and colleagues for their generous offers to give their time and efforts to his charity appeal during the next year.

Liz Andrews
Charity Director