Darren’s Year of Running

In 2019, one Cancer Research Wales supporter is taking on a mammoth running challenge. Darren Griffiths-Warner is entering over 25 running races, of which one will last 24 hours.

Darren began his epic adventure on February 3rd, when he tackled the clifftop climbs of the Worm’s Head 10k, on The Gower. Darren commented: “It wasn’t easy, I can tell you that, especially with added snow and ice! But then I don’t like to make things too easy when it comes to my running – as those who know me will know.”

This was the first of many races for Darren. He aims to complete 15 other races before the end of May, where all roads lead to the Howie 24 – a 24-hour race in Pembrey Country Park. The idea of the Howie 24 is to run as far as you can in 24 hours, and Darren has challenged himself to run 100km, or more if he can “keep going”.

Last year, Darren ran 70km in just 12 hours, so he’s fully prepared for this ambitious challenge:

“As part of my training for this up-coming epic run I’m already booked on to a number of races before May, some of which Gail, my wife, will be joining me to support me in my quest. These include 10K races and a half marathon across South Wales, and an Ultra Marathon in Llanelli.”

“I’ve decided to do this 100km challenge, alongside the many other runs in 2019, in support of Cancer Research Wales who are based at Velindre, in Cardiff. We all know someone who has been affected by cancer. Only last Christmas my family lost one of our members, my beloved cousin Julie. I also lost my darling Aunt Maureen two years ago, while my father-in-law, Graham, is thankfully in remission after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer at Velindre.”

However, he’s not stopping there! Darren then aims to continue running throughout the rest of 2019, and will run a full marathon in Dublin on the 27th October.

“As you see, the runs range from the difficult to the downright stupid, but I intend completing them all. Remember that every step I take, every penny I make, matters to a cancer sufferer somewhere.”

We would like to praise Darren for his determination, and also say a massive thank you for raising funds and awareness to support our world-class research projects. If you would like to sponsor Darren, please visit his Just Giving page here. If you would like to take on a running challenge in 2019, please check out our World record attempt at The Wales Marathon.