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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

April marks Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and during the month we’ve teamed up with some incredible supporters to raise awareness of bowel cancer in Wales.

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in Wales, yet the second leading cause of cancer mortality with over just 900 deaths each year. However, there is much that can be done to reduce the impact of this largely preventable disease through awareness of symptoms, participation in screening, early diagnosis and the right lifestyle choices.

Matthew Pritchard – Dirty Vegan

Forget beige and boring dishes Matt Pritchard’s Dirty Vegan is a joyful celebration of colourful plant-based food packed with taste, taste, taste! Driven by a desire to help everyone reduce the environmental impact of their diets, we’re about making exploring plant-based food easy.

Research has consistently shown diets to be rich in fruit, vegetables and fibre, and in low red meat products, especially processed meats, protect against bowel cancer.

In 2016, The World Health Organisation categorised processed red meat as a Class I carcinogen. Meaning there is now enough evidence to make a direct link between the development of bowel cancer and high intake of foods such as sausages, bacon, ham, burgers and other processed meats on a regular basis.

Therefore we are really excited to team up with Matt who has kindly shared some delicious recipes from his new book – Dirty Vegan. Whether you want to eat a couple of vegan meals a week or are eating an entirely plant-based diet give these recipes a try! (Click the images to download your FREE recipe card).

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