My name is Abbie aka @dream0graphy, and I am a 23 year old blogger from Cardiff, Wales. I’m working alongside Cancer Research Wales over on my Instagram to help gain momentum in their upcoming and existing campaigns.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I am absolutely honoured to be a part of campaigning for such a local and incredible charity. Although I don’t have any direct experiences with Breast Cancer, my closest family have been affected by Cancer.

Back in 2017, my Grandfather, my ‘Ga’ as I called him, was in hospital following many Chemotherapy treatments and hospital visits. I had the pleasure of spending his last days at his side – his last words to me were “Do What You Love”, so I promised him, I would.

Merely weeks later, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer at stage 4. It was such an incredibly difficult time for my whole family. He went to stay at Velindre for long periods of time, and lost a lot of weight. His mood was low and he had very little energy a lot of the time. I saw the effects of Cancer and treatment physically change my dad, and it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever seen.

Amongst the difficulty surrounding me, I heard my Grandfathers words ring in my ears. “Do What You Love”. So I started to blog. I wrote about many things, and before I knew it I realised I found relief in having a place to put all of my thoughts.

On the day of my Dad’s results, I remember going in with him and my mum, and sitting patiently in the waiting room for what seemed like forever. There were people coming and going around me – it made me realise that anyone around us could be affected by Cancer – whether it be directly or through a family member or close friend, and I remember thinking to myself how strong everyone in that room around me was.

The door of the consultancy room that my Dad had gone in to collect his results crept open. I remember like it was yesterday. A knot developed in my stomach instantly. And then..

He put his thumbs up. And he smiled. He was still weak and low but he smiled and I could see tears in my parents eyes. I just started crying and I felt gooosebumps all over.

The cancer was gone.

“Do What You Love”

As my online platform and presence grew, I realised I could use my space for good. For positivity. For awareness.. so that’s what I’ve started to do. And I am so grateful for that opportunity and privilege.

Cancer Research Wales got in touch with me about working together on some upcoming campaigns. After meeting with the wonderful team, seeing how much hard work and dedication they put in every single day – there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was the natural direction I would head in.

Cancer Research Wales is an independent welsh charity – operating here in Wales. Their hard work benefits Wales and beyond – and I could not be more grateful to work alongside such a wonderful, dedicated and growing charity and team.