A look back at 2017

So often this time of year we hear ourselves saying ‘where has the time gone’ or ‘can you believe it’s Christmas already’.

I’ve found myself using one or more of these phrases in the past week, and so I feel it’s important to look back and see what we’ve achieved in 2017, and I realize just how productive the last 12 months have been for Cancer Research Wales.

There are so many stories that I can share from the selfless efforts of our supporters; fundraising to make change happen or perhaps our incremental steps in the pursuit of a cure. The latter would not be possible without the support of the people of Wales; the donations they make, the gifts to our charity stores, and the participation in our many events and of course the special gifts that people leave in their Wills. A donation of any size helps in the furtherance of our goals, and is guaranteed to be spent in Wales on world class research.

The one story which really stands out for me from 2017, was a project that was highlighted on ITV Wales back in September, where we announced the results of an immunotherapy trial taking place at Cardiff University.

I had the honour to meet a lovely gentleman called Stephen, whose wife Denise had been diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in 2011. They were offered the chance to take part in a clinical trial supported by Cancer Research Wales, where an existing drug was reused to stimulate the immune system. This novel research project meant that Denise had her life extended by up to 12 months, and on this day of filming for ITV News, I had the opportunity to chat with Stephen and hear about that precious time, and the lasting memories that they made for the family. Every day I’m struck by the relevance of Cancer Research Wales, but on this occasion, more than ever I saw just how our work impacts lives. Everyone is affected by cancer, although every story is personal and unique. I thank Stephen and his family for sharing their story.


I also pass on my thanks to you and people like you who allow Cancer Research Wales to fund such essential work. Together we are making a difference, we’re making progress which really does change lives.

Please join me in sharing this pride, for the work we’ve accomplished so far with Wales’ leading scientists and let’s spread a bit of hope for what we can achieve in 2018. So many exciting developments have happened in the world of cancer research, and I am excited by the new research projects we will fund in the New Year and the progress that our existing projects will make in the next 12 months.

So my Christmas request to you…

After reading this message please tell your friends, neighbours and work colleagues about Cancer Research Wales, about this fantastic charity who take great pride in funding quality research for the benefit of the people of Wales and beyond.

Thank you to you all and Merry Christmas,

Liz Andrews
Charity Director


If you would like to support Cancer Research Wales this Christmas, please visit the Justgiving link below: