#MarathonMonth: Meet Lauren.

Ahead of next Sunday’s London Marathon, we decided to talk to some of our runners! Here we meet Lauren.

Hello! My name is Lauren Cosgrove. I’m from Cardiff but I’ve been living in London for nearly 8 years. I work as a stylist at Luella’s Bridal, Wimbledon Village in London. My back ground is in Fashion Design but I’ve equally had a passion for sports and keeping fit. I’m a firm believer in looking after your health and well being.

I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in October 2014. My goal was to complete it in less than 2 hours which I did. 1 hour 55 minutes but I can’t recall the seconds! I treated myself to a bottle of prosecco post race! This, however, will be my first full marathon.

I had applied for the London Marathon via the ballot for two consecutive years and been unsuccessful. A friend of mine saw a post on Facebook and knowing I had been left disappointed, sent me the link to Cancer Research Wales. It said to get in contact, which is what I did! The charity is extremely close to my heart as my Aunty and best friend’s mother were both diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a few years ago. Luckily enough with the right treatment they are now both fighting fit. Hearing what they’ve been through has been hell. If they can fight and kick the big C I can put my body through a few hours of temporary pain.

Not only that, but the London Marathon has been on my bucket list for a few years! I’ve been in the crowd several times, cheering on friends that have run it in the past. The atmosphere is absolutely electric. Strangers cheering on dedicated individuals that run for charities, the raw love, cheering, motivation from everyone from all walks of life joining together in a usually business minded city is priceless. It inspired me to want to take on the route.

I’ve been lucky to know so many amazing friends and family that have so generously sponsored me out of their own pocket. I also held my own Charity Pub Fundraiser Quiz and Raffle at the Hawkins Forge Pub in Clapham which went amazingly! I was so proud and thankful to the local businesses that generously donated raffle prizes, the pub itself for letting me host and my awesome friends for coming on the evening. Due to unforeseen circumstances I would have liked to also do a bake sale but I’ve had to move house in February. It’s been an extremely stressful time along with trying to squeeze in training, move, plan and host a quiz as well as life in general. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster. I hope that hard work will pay off.

Training has been tough. Most of my weekends and days off have been taken up by running or the gym. I’m not going to lie my body has taken a pounding. I’ve lost tears, toe nails, my boobs, a dress size, gained blisters, cuts, sore limbs and I’m eating 24/7! I have tried to follow the training programme on the Official London Marathon Website which has been really helpful. Although training has meant I’ve had to be disciplined rather than go wild with friends on the weekends I know it’s for a good cause. It’s my inspiration and keeps me going when I just want to stop.

I’m such a stress head so I’m really anxious about race day; like I’m sure most runners will be feeling towards the build up. I’m trying to remain positive, knowing that I can do it, for such a fantastic cause. The support from friends, family and loved ones means the world. I just want to make them and myself proud.

If you’re going through hell. Keep going.’ – Winston Churchill.


If you’d like to take part in a run for us, you can join our team at the Cardiff Half Marathon! Click HERE for details.