#MarathonMonth: Meet Anne and Jo

Ahead of Sunday’s London Marathon, we decided to talk to some of our runners! Here we meet best friends Anne and Jo.

Anne Miles, a sales manager at Radisson Blu Cardiff, and Joanne Davies, a purchasing manager at Cardiff University, took up running together last year. They ave decided to take on the London Marathon this year!

They decided to run for Cancer Research Wales as a number of their family members have battled cancer, including Anne’s mother who thankfully recovered.

 Why the London Marathon? They conquered a 5K race and the Cardiff Half Marathon back in 2016, but as Anne is turning 40 this year they decided to push it one step further!

Apart from those events, Anne and Jo have never done anything like this before. Apparently their friends and families are incredibly surprised – especially Jo’s husband, though he and the dog have been very encouraging.

Raising the £1500 to take part is understandably challenging for all of our runners, but Anne and Jo say that they very much appreciate the generosity of their family, friends, colleagues, and corporate sponsors. Oh, and a good old bake sale didn’t hurt either!

The ladies’ training has had its ups and downs. They both work full time and have small children, so meticulous planning has been key. Bad weather and injuries have knocked them back, but not enough to stop them hitting their furthest milestone yet – 22 miles, accomplished on Mothers’ Day!

Are they looking forward to the London Marathon? We’ll let you tell them that themselves:

Anne: I cannot wait for the marathon now. I’m hoping our hard work will pay off, I’m dreaming of the finish line plus looking forward to some well-deserved drinks and a few free weekends without running for 4 hours at a time!

Jo: I’m also dreaming of the finish line!  We’ve worked incredibly hard: until you train for something like this you can never really appreciate the commitment required, so I’m hoping all of our hard work really pays off.  I never thought I would ever do something like this so being able to say I’ve run a marathon fills me with immense pride.      


If you’d like to take part in a run for us, you can join our team at the Cardiff Half Marathon! Click HERE for details.