Path to China: Meet Anthony

On the run up to our epic trek of the Great Wall of China, we will be speaking to our supporters who have bravely decided to join us! Our first blog is from Anthony Heather, who also joined us on our 2015 Sahara Trek.

So here we are, 2017 is upon us and our China Adventure is less than four months away!

My name is Anthony and I’m a Chartered Financial Planner for Chris Leach & Associates Ltd, based in Cardiff – we are proud to be the lead sponsor for China: Walk the Wall. We feel strongly that it is important to support cancer charities because so many of our clients and their family and friends have been affected by cancer in one way or another.  Joining the battle to beat cancer is so important, and what better way to raise money than to do something you wouldn’t normally do, get fit in the process, and meet new people.

I do have some form in this, as I was part of the first Sahara Trek in 2015. I have had a year off and am now back for more.

Living in Cardiff Bay near the Olympic swimming pool, I am a regular swimmer there but I have let this go of late.  However, as part of my training for the Walk (I know swimming is not quite the same) I intend to increase to swimming three times a week, and a mile every time – that is 32 lengths in the 50 metre pool!  If anybody is there on a week day at 6am, you will see me!

It is interesting when talking to participants how varied the fundraising is, but I tend to raise most of the money with good old fashioned bucket collections at supermarkets.  It is back breaking, but I do love the interaction with the customers and it is satisfying to be able to raise around £500-£600 in one day.  If anybody else is bucket collecting, the secret is to look everybody in the eye and talk to them. A little conversation goes a long way!

I have always wanted to visit China so really experiencing the culture is what I am looking forward to, as well as the walk.  I am least looking forward to the higher elements of the wall as I have a fear of heights, and although undiagnosed, I think I might have vertigo! This might be the time when I find out!  However, if I know anything from my experience of the Sahara Trek, I know that the team spirit is so strong that the rest of the walkers will carry me through.

Good luck with all your training. Cheers!


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