Philippa Tuttiett joins Team CRW

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Cancer Research Wales are delighted to welcome Philippa Tuttiett to the charity, as a celebrity ambassador.

At Cancer Research Wales we consider ourselves very fortunate to have such high profile and hard-working ambassadors. They act as advocates for the charity, representing us at every opportunity, highlighting our pioneering work and encouraging further support for us.

Read below to learn more about Philippa, and why the former Welsh Rugby Union player has chosen to support Cancer Research Wales.

Why have you chosen to support Cancer Research Wales?

I have chosen to support Cancer Research Wales as I think the innovation they are supporting towards beating cancer is unbelievable. I am in awe of the research they are doing. Its ground-breaking and positively affecting lives not only here in Wales, but throughout the world.

I am acutely aware that the amount of people living with cancer at this very moment in Wales could almost fill The Principality Stadium twice over.

Sadly I know the effects cancer has on individuals and their families, and the worst part is how helpless you can feel when trying to support them. To be able to support a charity who may just save others from going through cancer is a privilege, as I truly believe that today’s research is tomorrow’s health.


Here at Cancer Research Wales, we ensure that every penny is spent here in Wales. Is this important to you?

I am a very passionate Welsh person, and believe we punch way above our weight in so many areas, not just on the rugby field!

I am aware of the ground-breaking work that the Charity funded in relation to the HPV virus, and how this helped towards the decision to give boys the vaccine to prevent cancers of the throat. To know that other work such as radiotherapy and immune system research, that have directly made a positive impact on so many patients, takes place in local hospitals that so many of us are familiar with, makes me incredibly proud.


Research is key to protect the future generations – why is this important for you?

Three years ago I became an aunty to two beautiful twin girls, and as much as I am incredible lucky to have such a tight and loving family that I have always felt blessed with, the girls gave me a whole new perspective on life. The day I held my nieces in my arms I realised how truly precious life is and how being happy and healthy are the most important things in life. I would give up everything for them to have a happy and healthy life, so supporting a charity that is working tirelessly to do exactly that for the next generation is amazing.

Philippa has already set herself a fundraising challenge, please click here to donate, and read more.

Cancer Research Wales would like to say a huge thank you to Philippa for agreeing to come on board and helping us with our vision for a Wales without cancer. Philippa already has her eye on some of our challenge events, and is “looking forward to meeting more like-minded people raising money for such a fantastic charity.”

“By playing my part I hope to help ensure Welsh patients are among the first to benefit from the latest scientific discoveries, whilst supporting local clinicians and scientists, and increasing the expertise in Wales along the way. Come on Wales, we can do this!”