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16 Jul 2019

Cancer Research Wales Announces £1.3M of Funding for New Research Across Wales

In April, Cancer Research Wales, pledged another £1.3M for new cancer projects. This brings the total money spent over the last 5 years for research in Wales to almost £7.5M.  Below we take a. . . . .

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04 Jul 2019

Cancer and the immune system: It’s complicated

In theory, it’s simple. Our immune system protects us and fights for our health and survival. In reality, scientists have spent decades trying to unravel and understand the complexities of the human immune system.. . . . .

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20 Jun 2019

Celebrating Cancer Research Wales’ 23rd Anniversary Golf Day

This year Cancer Research Wales celebrated their 23rd Anniversary Golf Day at the prestigious Llanishen Golf Club on Thursday 13th June. The event welcomed over 70 guests all competing for the Geoff Williams Trophy.. . . . .

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10 Jun 2019

Project Spotlight: Peter Henley, immunology researcher

In our ‘Project Spotlight’ blog series, we chat to some of our fantastic researchers and hear all about their work and life as a cancer researcher. This week, we’re speaking to Peter Henley, who is. . . . .

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06 Jun 2019

The Urdd

     This Spring Bank Holiday saw Cancer Research Wales start their first ever week at the Eisteddfod Yr Urdd, held this year in Cardiff Bay. The festival started and ended it’s week in. . . . .

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21 May 2019

An astonishing £100,000 has been raised in memory of Tom Walker

  The family of a caring and considerate teenage boy is thanking people from the “bottom of their hearts” after a major £100,000 appeal fund in his memory was smashed in less than a. . . . .

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