24 Sep 2020

Cancer Research Charities predict 46% drop in spending due to Covid-19

The 24th September 2020 marks the first ‘World Cancer Research Day’. Globally, someone is diagnosed with cancer every 2 seconds. World Cancer Research Day celebrates the extraordinary contribution of research to the way we. . . . .

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18 Jun 2020

Establishing a better normal for cancer patients following COVID-19

It is undeniable that COVID-19 has pushed clinical practice into different ways of working. Remote consultations, digital technologies and in-community or at-home treatments are just some of the ways that the healthcare system across. . . . .

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03 Jun 2020

Emerging from COVID-19: A rapid restart for cancer in Wales

While the COVID-19 pandemic response has drawn focus and resources over recent months, delays have been building in other areas of the health system. In Wales, there is currently an estimated 3 month interruption. . . . .

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11 May 2020

Double jeopardy – Cancer and COVID-19

While the COVID-19 crisis continues, many hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to the virus around the world. As attention begins to turn to the longer term outcomes of the pandemic, scientists. . . . .

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01 May 2020
stethoscope and smartphone

There is no safe delay when it comes to cancer

The world might be “on pause” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but when it comes to cancer there shouldn’t be any hesitation to seek help. Diagnosing cancer can be complex, however, one thing that. . . . .

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01 Apr 2020

Bowel Cancer Screening and COVID-19

Today marks the first day of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Compared to previous years, things will be much different this April as the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) casts its long shadow across the whole. . . . .

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